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  • 16 dec 2014

    2015 Dr. Dobbs Jolt Award for the Best Coding Tool

    We view Cloud9 as an important portend and the first truly usable multi-language cloud-based IDE. It makes a dream come true: Develop Web applications from any modern Web browser. The simplicity and speed to access all the tools you need to develop Web applications while utilizing collaboration tools in the cloud entitles Cloud9 IDE to the 2015 Jolt Award for the best coding tool.

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  • 04 nov 2014

    Cloud9 raises new funding because your web development really belongs in the cloud

    With the web development gold rush still underway, it’s no surprise that companies building developer tools are raking it in.

    Cloud9, a startup building an online web development environment, just announced that it has raised an undisclosed amount of new funding from Balderton Capital. This is Cloud9’s second institutional round.

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  • 01 sep 2012

    Solving The Developer Deficit In The Cloud

    Guest post on TechCrunch

    Software is taking over the world. This sentiment has become widely accepted throughout the tech community, most notably examined in depth by Marc Andreessen last year. However, as software continues to infiltrate nearly every industry, there’s a serious consequence taking shape. The demand for development continues to grow exponentially, but the amount of qualified developers that are available to produce this commodity is not. Simply put, the world is running out of developers.

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  • 16 aug 2012

    BeagleBoard BeagleBone Review


    The BeagleBone enters a market of low-priced, easily hackable computers. Similar to the Android 4.0 Mini PC and Raspberry Pi, the BeagleBone puts computing into the palm of the hand, making hacking and programming accessible and portable. This computer-on-a-board is slightly larger than a credit card, costs only $89 and is already powering larger devices on the market today. Does this device make computer programming and projects easily accessible?

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