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When we decided to build Cloud9 IDE, it was only natural to use Node.js. By using Node.js for Cloud9, we could use a single language front to back. We absolutely love Node.js, and we offer advanced support for writing great Node.js applications.

Plenty of folks have also recognized Node’s potential and invested heavily in it.


StrongLoop is the biggest contributor to the Node.js project and has built StrongLoop Suite, an API tier for connecting enterprise data to devices and browsers, on top of Node.js. StrongLoop Suite is comprised of an open source, mobile Backend-as-a-Service called LoopBack, an operations and performance monitoring dashboard, an advanced debugger, cluster management capabilities plus support for private npm registries.

StrongLoop has actually partnered with Cloud9 IDE to create pre-configured workspaces with everything you need, ready to go: sign up now to get started.

Node.js News, Tutorials, and Documentation

Mozilla has also always been the driving force in the development of JavaScript, the core of Node.js — it’s where JavaScript originates. In addition, Mozilla hosts MDN, the best resource for front-end development technologies including extensive JavaScript documentation.

Many more resources are available on Node.js development. One is offers a Node.js and Javascript reference guide and manual, based on work from Joyent and Mozilla. And like any good community docs, is fully open to contributions.