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At Cloud9, we’re focused on changing the way applications are developed forever. Today’s developers are smart, mobile and super collaborative. We believe they deserve a development platform that meets those needs, and pushes them to be even better."
Ruben Daniels
CEO & Co-founder of Cloud9 IDE

The Company

Cloud9 IDE is an online platform for development; the code is open-sourced on GitHub, free to adapt and use for everyone, anywhere, anytime. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our online development environment is easy, powerful, and a thrill to use.

Our growing team includes some of the best developers, designers, and testers that Europe and the U.S. have to offer.

The core development team is located in the historic centre of Amsterdam, with team members distributed over five EU countries. Our main office is located in San Francisco, where we serve and work with local Silicon Valley enterprises.


Cloud9 IDE was designed to run and debug Node.js and JavaScript code. The IDE also supports running Python, Ruby, and Apache+PHP applications. Our editor supports syntax highlighting for over 30 languages.

We bring all the great features from other existing IDEs, like multiple cursors, autocompletion, themes, search in files, and keyboard shortcuts, plus many more of our own. Cloud9 provides several unique features such as the ability to collaborate in real-time with multiple people, and the ability to run the IDE on your own hosted server and development environment. We also offer a local client that can automatically synch with your online workspaces.

Need to host your finished project somewhere? Not a problem. Cloud9 supports instantaneous deployment to cloud platforms such as Heroku, Windows Azure, and Cloud Foundry. In the meantime, you can run your code live within the IDE, as though it were a production server. With support for git and mercurial, your code will always be kept safe and in your control.