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The fastest editor in the world now lets you collaborate on your code in real-time. It’s everything you wanted in an IDE. And it makes Cloud9 the most productive platform for writing software. 
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Experience the awesome productivity of coding together - no matter where you are. Cloud9 IDE now enables developers around the world to edit the same code and chat together in real-time. Developers can pair program, review code, get an audience involved or teach a group of students the art of programming. The way you code together will never be the same again.
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Cloud9 brings the depth and sophistication of JavaScript analysis, right to your browser. As you type, code suggestions appear below your code. Hovering over suggestions shows helpful JavaScript and Node.js documentation, so you always know what you’re working with. Free your mind to focus on the big picture and Cloud9 will take care of the details.

Professionals: welcome to the Cloud9 revolution. With Cloud9 securely attached to a dedicated VM, professional developers and teams experience the full power of development in the cloud. Run the entire breadth of server software on the command-line, from Python to MySQL and everything in between.