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Getting started with a framework on Cloud9 IDE: a StrongLoop case study

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I’m sure you’ve often found yourself wanting to try a great new framework/library/SDK you just found – it’s going to make your life so much easier! However, this usually means going through an arduous process of setting up a new project, configuring it, and then working your way through a tutorial to just get a basic demo app running; you may simply give up even before you start!

Our friends at StrongLoop recognize this, and so they set out to make it as easy as possible for you to try their mobile backend (LoopBack) and operational dashboard (StrongOps) for Node apps. They partnered with Cloud9 IDE to get the full StrongLoop suite up and running in a Cloud9 workspace with just one click!

StrongLoop wrote a blog post on how to setup a StrongLoop workspace, and in this post we’ll highlight the key points, taking the StrongLoop solution as a case study.

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Cloud9 IDE on Google Compute Engine

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Note: this post appeared first on the Google Cloud Platform Blog on December 7, 2013

Google Compute Engine recently got us very excited about the possibilities for Cloud9 IDE. So much so, that we built support for Compute Engine into the backend of the soon-to-be-released major update of Cloud9 IDE! We’ve seen major improvements in speed, provisioning and the ability to automate deployments and management of our infrastructure. In this article we’ll talk about those experiences and what benefits Compute Engine offers to a complex web application like ours.

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‘Those little things…’ (part I)

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You may recognise the experience: having a device for some time already, using it to great satisfaction and suddenly, half a year later, you discover that it has a killer feature that you wish to have known before. This is a good time to have a look at the nifty little features in Cloud9 IDE that not all users know about, but can save a lot of time and annoyances. Let’s have a look at some key bindings that appear in the help menu in the IDE (Menu ‘Help’ -> ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’). They are listed on our documents site as well: Key bindings.

Isn’t it the little things that make life beautiful?

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New Collaboration: Real-time Editing, Chat and File Revision History

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Today we introduce a complete new version of the Cloud9 Collaboration features! Built from the ground up we’ve made them more reliable, granular, and faster, while introducing some nifty new features such as File Revision History Timeslider that we think will really enhance your productivity.

Collaborative Features:

  • Real-time Collaborative Editing and selections (with authorship info colors).
  • Group Chat (messages and user events).
  • File Revision History (with authorship info colors).


Read on for what’s new.

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Languages Supported by Cloud9

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Cloud9 is a polyglot. We speak many languages. Together with the open source community, we developed the Ace editor, which has support for over 100 programming languages. Ace provides syntax highlighting and various editing features such as code folding and automatic indentation. In Cloud9 we also have a growing list of languages where we support as-you-type error checking or code completion: JavaScript, CSS, CoffeeScript, PHP, Python, JSON, and Lua. See our docs at for a complete list.

Node.js completion

PHP completion

HTML completion

Code completion in various languages

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