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Windows Azure on Cloud9 IDE

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At Cloud9 we’ve been working hard to give your Node.js applications more opportunity to thrive. Cloud9 already offers the best environment for importing, developing and testing your Node.js applications. Now you can take those applications and give them a place to scale to any user demand:

Today we are very happy to announce the availability of Windows Azure on Cloud9!

Windows Azure is the industry leader in both performance and availability, giving your apps a proper foundation for the future. And Cloud9 offers a ton of essential Windows Azure options for your application: number of compute instances, operating system, data center location, whether to deploy to staging or production, and VM configuration with CPU and RAM options. Whew!

To get started, open up a project on and expand the “Deploy” panel.

As your application is deployed, Azure is working hard to build your VM from scratch. Typical from-scratch deployments take 8-10 minutes. From there, future deployment updates work their magic in about 5 minutes. When Azure is done with the heavy lifting, you’ll get a fancy “Deploy succeeded” message. Click the link to open your deployed application, or click on the target in the deploy panel to get more information.

Happy coding, and happy deploying!

Azure deployments on Cloud9 IDE (1/2) from Cloud9 IDE on Vimeo.


Azure deployments on Cloud9 IDE (2/2) from Cloud9 IDE on Vimeo.





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  1. davidvb says:

    Microsoft made a nice tutorial here: Deploying a Windows Azure App from Cloud9

  2. [...] Back in January we showed the world how easy it is to deploy to Windows Azure from Cloud9. [...]