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Tab Sessions: I’ll get back to you later

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Do you work on multiple tasks at the same time but never want to close files because you might get back to them later? Does it take ages to remember what the hell were you doing when you open a new editor window?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions above, you might want to try out our new Tab Sessions feature. With Tab sessions you can save the state of your open files and open them later, or whenever you want.

An example of a great scenario for using Tab Sessions that we have here at Cloud9 is the following: Our daily work involves having dozens of branches in the repository at any given moment, because we use feature-based branches. In order to review pull requests, make a hotfix or help a colleague, we need to switch our current branch. Before switching, we use Tab Sessions to save the open files for each branch. As we keep switching branches, we keep switching sessions. Kaboom! Productivity boost at its best.

Let us show you in a screencast:

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