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Vim on Cloud9 IDE

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Some of us here at Cloud9 have had an internal struggle for a long time. We develop for Cloud9 IDE in Cloud9 IDE and we love everything about it, but for the ones that have been Vim users for a long time and have been enlightened by its superior editing, going back to traditional editors is like having a sports car and using it to go off-road. Not efficient, and often frustrating.

The time has come to let your finger muscle memory roam free and have a superior text-editing experience in Cloud9 IDE. We want to introduce you to the new Vim mode, available right now:

Just go to View -> ‘Vim mode’ and click on it to activate it.

We can’t begin to tell you how happy it makes us to have this plugin available. To us, that is the final tiny bit that makes Cloud9 IDE effectively superior to any programming environment, online or not.

As much as we are trying to emulate Vim as accurately as possible, there are still some commands to be implemented. This will be an ongoing task since Vim’s keybinding combinations are vast, but we believe we have a pretty complete experience that will satisfy most Vim users, and we wanted to deliver as soon as it is available.

As always, don’t hesitate to give us your feedback on it!

Happy hacking!!





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  1. Vladimir Rybas says:

    OMG that’s awesome! Will try that now.

  2. Joel DeVenney says:

    What would be absolutely AMAZING is if you let us upload our own .vim directory from our systems. I have VIM tricked out to my liking. So if I could upload my own VIM plugins and all I would absolutely love it!

  3. Vergil says:


    Is there an official list of the shortcuts that are included in this vim plugin? It would be handy to not have to “guess” at what has been implemented already.

    Just a simple text document would be helpful.