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Cloud 9 IDE 0.1.3 Released

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Today, we present our latest release of Cloud9 IDE. We are proud to introduce several new, exciting features, such as server-side extensions and a fully fledged console. Of course, we also made significant improvements again to existing features, such as syntax highlighting and the debugger. For a complete list of all changes, please scroll down to the end of this post. Here below, I’ll highlight the most significant improvements we’ve made:

1. New console

The Git shell we introduced in the previous release has now been replaced with a fully fledged console. It supports many new features, among them autocompletion for paths and commands, showing descriptive hints whilst typing, and the ability to control the IDE from the command line.

Cloud9 Console Demo from Cloud9 IDE on Vimeo.

2. Server-side extensions

In a previous blog article, we gave a glimpse into the architecture of Cloud9 IDE. Specifically, we showed how the powerful extension model allows virtually every piece of functionality on the client to be written as an extension. This makes it very easy to extend the functionality of the client, and/or adapt it to your needs.

Because the extension model of the client is so powerful, we decided to use it for the server as well. Consequently, it is now possible to write extensions for the server in the same way as you would for the client. In a future blog article, to be posted soon, we will take a further look at how to write such server-side extensions.

3. Lots of debugger fixes

We worked hard to improve the usability of the debugger even more. Among other things, we refactored the UI, added a context menu to inspect watches, and made it so that the execution pointer is now indicated in the gutter:

Cloud9 IDE Debugger from Cloud9 IDE on Vimeo.

4. Improved highlighting for JavaScript

Specifically, we now have better detection of doc comments, and highlighting of regular expressions:



5. Added ‘save as’ window

The ‘file’ menu now includes a ‘save as’ window that allows you to save files under a different name:

Cloud 9 IDE Save As Window from Cloud9 IDE on Vimeo.


As always you can install it using

npm install cloud9

GIT Update

If you are using Git to fetch cloud9, for this release it’s important to execute the following commands:

git pull git:// master
git submodule init
git submodule update --init --recursive

Full Change Log


2010.11.03, Version 0.1.3

* Added 'save as' window
* Fixed auto-indenting
* Fixed search & replace
* Creating a new folder with a name that already exists no longer crashes the server
* Closing two tabs in rapid succession no longer maximizes the editor
* Lots of debugger fixes
* Search results are selected
* Initial rendering of the scrollbar in the editor is fixed
* Move lines up/down is more responsive
* Split editor repository. 
* The editor pane can now have a padding
* JavaScript syntax highlighting enhancements.
* Fix undo stack after moving lines up and down
* Server-side extensions
* New console to replace the terminal
* Redesigned debug stepping look & feel
* Fixed general focus and layout issues
* Moved quickwatch into a window
* Added keyboard support for stepping





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