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The Terminal

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The Terminal is one of those applications everyday programmers can’t live without. It is the programmer’s best friend, the trusty companion that provides rapid-fire access to powerful commands, editors, system profiling, and everything else we love about UNIX.

It’s really a shame you can’t put a terminal in a browser. Alas, browsers aren’t meant for that kind of thing.

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Empowering Developing-Country Students with Development

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In developing nations, very often opportunities for going up the economic and social ladder are limited. Today, the internet and technology have democratized this opportunity.

So begins the premise of Coderise, a program driven to empowering young students in developing nations with code.

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The Best Way to Help Programmers

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Remember this prediction?

“In the year 2000… you will be able to instantly replicate your colleague’s dev environment on your own computer.”

Just kidding! No one said this (not even during the Mother of All Demos). So what do you do when your fellow developer needs help? The best option is to stand at his or her desk. But remote teams, teachers and developers on the move know this is not always possible. In fact, as the development world becomes more geographically dispersed, this is a more immediate problem than it used to be.

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The ACE Editor Hits v1.0

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ACE Editor

“initial version”

This is the commit message made by Fabian Jakobs on April 2, 2010. Two and a half years, 3218 commits, and an outpouring of contributions later, the ACE we know today has matured into an incredible code editor that thousands of developers use in their own applications (GitHub, Google, and Khan Academy, to name a few).

So what constitutes v1.0? The most visible feature is the new website, which we discuss below.

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Solving the Two Week Problem by Developing in the Cloud

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This post first appeared on the OpenShift Blog.

A developer walks into an enterprise software shop. Two weeks later, she’s ready to start working.

This joke is tragically true. It has become the obligatory first stage in developing software. During this time developers are not programming, they are configuring. Hours are spent overcoming platform differences and scratching heads, rooting out why this or that build process fails for the new developer, but not everyone else.

Then an unfortunate reality sets in. As every seasoned developer already knows, configuration management and dependency hell continue long after the first two weeks.

To overcome these issues and make more responsible decisions for our dev teams, we first need to reality check the status quo of developer tooling. Then, we can look with fresh eyes at how Cloud9 IDE and OpenShift have created a novel solution to the “two week” problem.

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