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Free public workspaces

One private workspace

Awesome community support

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All Free features plus

Unlimited private workspaces

Unlimited ssh workspaces

3 Hot Workspaces

Increased Performance

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Unlimited team workspaces

10 Hot Workspaces per user

Centralized Billing

Team management

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Free public workspaces

One private workspace

Team management

Awesome community support

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Premium features include

∞ Private Workspaces

Create unlimited workspaces and allowing you to have all your projects, old and new, on Cloud9.

Team collaboration

Being able to collaborate with anyone, anywhere is possible with Cloud9. Simply invite team members by adding them as collaboration partners.

∞ SSH Workspaces

Unleash the full power of Cloud9 by hosting your own workspace, thus giving you access to all the RAM, disk space, and CPU you can bring to the table.

Hot Workspaces

We'll keep your workspaces running. Your open terminal sessions and running applications will still be there the next time you visit your workspaces, and your workspace will open lightning fast!

Increased Performance

Premium workspaces are hosted in premium cloud VMs with an attached SSD disk and are allocated additional CPU cycles.

Dedicated Email Support

Send us an email and get 1 on 1 support with our team. Get to talk to Brady, Mutahhir, and the others, and send them our regards!

Cloud9 for Universities

Join the future of teaching to code

World class universities have chosen Cloud9 as their platform to teach future generations of software engineers.

Harvard CS50

Harvard decided to use Cloud9 in their well known CS50 classes and the publicly available online edX course.

Due to the powerful Cloud9 SDK, Harvard was able to setup a fully customized IDE to provide a custom CS50 experience.

Onboard your University

With Cloud9 for universities you can onboard your entire class with ease and focus on teaching amazing courses instead of managing your students.

  •  Easy on-boarding of new students
  •  Simple yet powerful account management
  •  Unlimited private projects for the entire class
  •  3 Hot workspaces per student

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Such an awesome community <3

Our philosophy

We build Cloud9 so you can build something amazing

We love building things

We build Cloud9 using Cloud9 and we love it. Why? Because we don't have to worry about setting up machines. We don't have to deal with resource management and all kinds of stuff.

Scaling with you

Cloud9 started as a small IDE, really great for simple tasks and has matured to a platform which can support you from kickstarting a project to scaling the development workflow to large teams and successful products.