You can now deploy to Openshift

By Jos Uijterwaal19 June 2013


This article is out of date and this functionality does not currently exist. In order to deploy, take a look at Deploying Via the CLI.

Last week, Red Hat announced the Public release of it’s OpenShift Online platform, a new cloud application platform for provisioning, managing, and scaling applications. We’re avid fans of the OpenShift platform: we’ve been using it for the past year for the runtime environment provided with each workspace.

Today we announce the availability of OpenShift as a new deployment target from within, allowing you to easily deploy your application to your machines on OpenShift. Here’s how it works:

1. Go to the deploy menu by clicking on the balloon icon:
deploy 1

Click the balloon to enter.

2. Create a Deploy Server:
deploy 2

Click the “+”

3. Sign up or sign in to your OpenShift account:
deploy 3

4. Set up a machine:
deploy 4

Choose a name and application type and click “add”. will then start creating your gear on OpenShift.

5. Deploy!
deploy 5

Click the “Deploy” button…... Done!

OpenShift offers a free tier which allows you to create up to three small machines, each offering 1GB of storage and 512mb of memory. Professional plans start at $20 per month.

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