The Changelog of March: Stability, Performance, Features

By Lennart Kats03 May 2013

Hey there! Over the past month, we have worked very hard on improving the stability and performance of our service. In addition, we also worked on some interface changes and new features, some of which we have just released.

So, let’s first have a look at our detailed changelog and then discuss some of these changes.

Stability & performance

  • Fix disconnection issues.
  • Alleviate most crashes in the Chrome browser, while we’re working with them on a long-term solution.
  • Performance/memory optimizations to reduce server load and increase responsiveness.


  • Improved, multi-file code completion for JavaScript.
  • Improved, multi-file jump to definition for JavaScript.
  • Live preview of HTML & CSS changes.

Interface changes

  • A new, powerful mini-terminal replaces the old console!
  • Unused variables are now shown with a dotted underline font instead of a strike-through font.

Other changes

  • New version of the Ace editor.
  • Fix sessions feature being broken for PHP.
  • Allow users to customize the .bashrc file.

Cloud9’s New Mini-Terminal

We received a huge amount of positive feedback about our new Terminal feature, so we decided to take it to the next level. With the new Mini-Terminal, you can now use the terminal alongside the code editor. With the Mini-Terminal, you can install packages, commit changes, and so on without losing track of what file you were editing. Have a look at the video at the end of this blogpost for a preview.

Improved code completion & jump to definition

Providing excellent language intelligence has always been one of the priority areas for Cloud9. We’re now revealing our new code completer and reference resolver, which support Node.js and require.js modules. Code completion for JavaScript is not trivial, but with these changes, Cloud9 can often complete your API calls and jump to their definition (F3).

Watch the video at the end of this post for a demonstration, and stay tuned for new developments in this area for other languages.

Live Preview of HTML & CSS Changes

A commonly requested feature by our HTML & CSS designer users has been to automatically update the previewer with each change. Our new version does just that: any change you make to an HTML or CSS file is immediately reflected in the preview window.


We made two screencast that shows some of our lastest and greatest. Watch them below:

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