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Introducing Workspace Cloning

Today we’re introducing workspace cloning to Cloud9. Workspace cloning allows you to make an exact 1:1 copy of a Cloud9 workspace, including everything you »

<aLennart Kats>
Lennart Kats
03 March 2016

Yearly Payment Plans

You asked and we listened. When signing up for a Cloud9 paid plan you can now choose to pay monthly or yearly. This new yearly option »

<aBrady Dowling>
Brady Dowling
17 February 2016

Cloud9 - Now with more ports!

To reach a port, we must sail - sail, not tie at anchor - sail, not drift. -- Franklin D. Roosevelt As customer happiness engineers, we »

<aMutahhir Ali Hayat>
Mutahhir Ali Hayat
25 November 2015

Hello Dashboard!

In a previous post earlier this month, we announced that we were slowly rolling out our new and improved dashboard. We are thrilled to have received »

<aNikolai Onken>
Nikolai Onken
15 July 2015

How to use Yeoman on Cloud9

We have done the work so that you don’t have to. Here is how to setup a complete and full working environment for Yeoman on »

<aBrady Dowling>
Brady Dowling
13 July 2015

Debug your PHP code with Xdebug and Cloud9

We all know the classic way to debug a PHP application: var_dump(), print_r(), echo & co. are staples when it comes to looking at »

<aAlex Brausewetter>
Alex Brausewetter
19 May 2015

Two Clicks to Awesome: Meteor Workspace

At Cloud9, we take user feedback seriously. Over the past months we have received feedback across the Meteor community about how getting started with Meteor and »

<aNikolai Onken>
Nikolai Onken
11 March 2015

Workspace resizing and statistics

Dedicated development machines come with many benefits such as freeing your machine from different software versions required for different projects. Today I am happy to tell »

<aNikolai Onken>
Nikolai Onken
24 February 2015

New Pricing Plans

Being able to pick the right plan based on your development needs is something many of you wanted for a long time. Today, I am really »

<aNikolai Onken>
Nikolai Onken
20 February 2015

The new Flat Light theme for Cloud9

Today I'm happy to share the new flat Cloud9 theme with you. It’s a beautiful new theme that was inspired by iOS8, Google Material and »

<aRuben Daniels>
Ruben Daniels
09 December 2014