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Behind the Scenes: Eating Our Own Dog Food

At Cloud9 we write code every day. Lots of code. Our code base has nearly 400,000 source lines of code and nearly tenfold that when »

<aLennart Kats>
Lennart Kats
28 July 2015

Provo Startup Dojo Hackathon: Ideas, Code, Reality

Developers are who they are because they love to solve problems. It is no surprise then that a solution was created by developers Marshall Bean and »

<aBrady Dowling>
Brady Dowling
09 April 2015

Hackathon with Girls in Tech

Ever had a hairstyler wake you up early on a bad hairday? Or seen a bunch of lights blink as if making first contact when people »

<aIvar Pruijn>
Ivar Pruijn
05 February 2015

Girls in Tech Coding Dojo at Cloud9

Last Wednesday we hosted a really fun Coding Dojo for the Girls in Tech community. With free food, drink and challenges provided we were overwhelmed with »

<aIvar Pruijn>
Ivar Pruijn
12 December 2014