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Behind the Scenes: Eating Our Own Dog Food

At Cloud9 we write code every day. Lots of code. Our code base has nearly 400,000 source lines of code and nearly tenfold that when »

<aLennart Kats>
Lennart Kats
28 July 2015

Behind the Scenes: Continuous Integration at Cloud9

Ever felt frustrated or hampered by your company’s deployment process? Wish you could just commit some code and have robots automatically ensure its quality and »

<aTim Robinson>
Tim Robinson
09 July 2015

Customer Happiness Engineering

When someone asks what you do, you probably say a title that doesn’t mean much. If they actually care, maybe they’ll ask more questions. »

<aBrady Dowling>
Brady Dowling
11 June 2015

Behind the scenes: Yellow alerts at Cloud9

Alert Systems + Priorities Here at Cloud9, performance is our #1 priority. We’re all efficiency addicted coders ourselves and understand how frustrating it can be when »

<aTim Robinson>
Tim Robinson
12 May 2015

The new Cloud9: one week later

Last week we released the completely new version of Cloud9. We received many, many amazing responses from all of you on Twitter, HackerNews, ProductHunt, email, etc. »

<aIvar Pruijn>
Ivar Pruijn
31 July 2014