MySQL for every workspace

By Fabian Jakobs14 May 2013

Adding direct support for MySQL is one of the most requested features for Cloud9. In the past we were directing users who wanted to use MySQL to database hosting services like xeround. That was a bit inconvenient and in addition they are now discontinuing their free tier.

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 12.09.21

We are extremely happy to announce our first iteration of MySQL support in Cloud9. It makes it super easy to install, start and stop a MySQL instance right in your workspace. The nice thing is that every workspace will run a separate database so your projects will never interfere with each other. You can control MySQL with the mysql-ctl command line tool run from the terminal.

# start MySQL. Will create an empty database on first start
        $ mysql-ctl start

        # stop MySQL
        $ mysql-ctl stop

        # run the MySQL interactive shell
        $ mysql-ctl cli

You can then connect to the database with following parameters:

| Option | Value | Comment | | --- | --- | --- | | Hostname | $IP | The same local IP as the application you run on Cloud9 | | Port | 3306 | The default MySQL port number | | User | $C9_USER | Your Cloud9 user name | | Password | - | No password since you can only access the DB from within the workspace | | Database | c9 | The database name |

Of course this is just the beginning. We have for example plans to add a management UI to start and stop databases or pre-installing tools like phpMyAdmin. However we don’t want to make you wait for the fully integrated feature while we already have something that is enabling a lot of use cases and still super easy to use.

Stay tuned and happy coding.

Fabian Jakobs

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