Developer Spotlight: Community Champion, Michael Duane Mooring

By Brooke Estin16 December 2015

The internet is built on a shared sense of community and collaboration. Today’s internet culture breaks down the web’s 1.0 model of a simplistic one-way relationship between creator and consumer. It’s an outdated model that simply doesn’t make sense in our culture anymore.

Creators want to consume and consumers want to create. And we want to help.

Welcome to the Cloud9 Community

Earlier this week, we announced our new support community. This is a huge achievement for all of us! Our Customer Happiness Engineers pride themselves on being the point of contact for our users and we are excited to open up the doors to our community so that you all can better connect with each other, learn from each other and well, just get to know each other!

A Surprise Community Champion

Somewhere far far away from both Cloud9’s Amsterdam and San Francisco offices lived a young developer. Normal in his appearance, but supernatural in his technical abilities, this man would quickly grow into one of the most engaged, ambitious and committed engineers in a global community of nearly a million developers.

His name is Michael. Michael Duane Mooring, that is. And he is our surprise Community King!


“There are a lot of simple questions that I’ve already figured out on the community forums. It’s quick enough for me to get in there and help. I was thrilled to see Cloud9 using Discourse, because I’m a huge fan. It’s great and I think more people should be using it. It's more collaborative and engaging and I think that’s really important.”

Michael came up to Cloud9, seemingly out of nowhere. We did a soft launch of the community without any public announcement beyond our support page, and encouraged specific users to post their questions to the forum. Almost immediately, he started answering people’s questions and engaging heavily in the forums.

“I first learned about Cloud9 years ago through a google search. Then I met your founder, Ruben, at a tech event in NYC. Back then I was working as a freelancer and often had trouble collaborating with other developers I needed to work on projects with. We tried Cloud9 when it first came out because of the collaboration features. At that time, there were a lot of bugs. But, now that Cloud9 fixed those bugs and then some, I use it as my main IDE now.”

Serial Tech Entrepreneur in the Making

At the young age of 26, Michael’s career is already in full swing. “I started developing in high school and taking computer science classes. It was mostly creating custom Wordpress websites for small businesses in New Jersey.” says Michael. “From there, it evolved to do more heavy development projects and startups.”


Michael then went on to found and lead several other companies. Starting with his web design business, Mass Distribution Media, he then moved on to Project Lead for Interactive Design + Solutions where he managed the delivery of website development projects ranging from small/simple static html websites to large scale Microsoft SharePoint projects. Then he moved becoming the Founding CTO of Inkwhy Inc where he focused on development of node.js/mongoDB based projects. In the last 2 years, Michael designed and developed to win the DIY Rocket Contest collaboration prize June 2013 as well as to win StartupWeekend Space July 2014. And when that wasn’t enough, he founded another company, Beta Bulls, which offers seasoned entrepreneurs offering interim CTO consulting/training.

A Natural Community Leader

Cloud9 isn’t the only community that he is passionate about. Currently, he is the Open-source Community Manager at Bevry, which has notable users including MIcrosoft and 37Signals. At Bevry, he is responsible for organizing and leading the community both on project roadmaps and business ventures.


When we asked him what compelled him to deep dive into the Cloud9 community, he enthusiastically responded with, “Cloud9 is awesome. It’s an evolution in platform technology. I’m really excited about seeing more community plugins being created for the Cloud9 platform. I’m so inspired by it all!”

One of the most valuable things Michael sees in Cloud9 is the ability to collaborate. Whether it’s sharing a workspace on a team project or a live stream for teaching, Cloud9 has the best collaboration features on the market. “I’ve tried other web IDEs, but they often have paywalls or lack real time collaboration so they were not as useful. Plus, I love that I can easily code from my Chromebook. It runs Cloud9 so smoothly. It’s a really cheap way for people to have an amazing experience. And of course, I really love the SSH workspace. When I setup my first SSH workspace, I was freaking out at the awesomeness of have all of Cloud9 powering my SSH!”

In addition to all the companies Michael is involved in, he is also a huge supporter of Hackathons. He has been involved in many, including even acting as a mentor for HackPrinceton, which Cloud9 sponsored!

Please join us in welcoming Michael to the Cloud9 community! Feel free to send him a bit of love on Twitter, follow him on GitHub or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Join The Growing Cloud9 Community


So how can you engage? There are 4 main ways:

Ask Your Questions: If you have any questions, comments or ideas, share them! Encourage other users to respond and follow up with their comments in your post as well.

Answer Their Questions: Share your knowledge and help out another developer. You’ve

Moderate Forums: Some moderation is always required to keep the discussion focused on the subject. There is also an important contributor role to add in new topics or provocative points of view when discussion lags. Additionally, moderators can help grow discussions with helpful resources, facts or content.

Browse Topics: And of course, there is always the option to browse! The easiest way to enjoy the growing Cloud9 community is to dive in and look around. Check out what people are sharing, what themes emerge and think about how you may be able to jump in.

“Remember, Cloud9 is an open-source project on GitHub so it’s really our own community. Your collaboration drives this shared platform forward. You have a say in it’s future,” says Michael.

Come join Michael and thousands of other users here!

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