Deploy to (S)FTP From Any Cloud9 Workspace

By Lennart Kats05 June 2013

Note: FTP mounts and workspaces have been deprecated in favor of more secure command line alternatives.

The FTP and SFTP protocols are commonly used for deploying hosted web applications. So far, we have been offering FTP support in specialized “FTP workspaces”, but as of today we are introducing a new approach where any Cloud9 workspace supports FTP deployments. In this article we’ll tell you all about the new FTP deployment feature and why you should use it.

Using FTP with Hosted Cloud9 Workspaces

We recently wrote a series of articles of some of the things you can do with Cloud9 workspaces. Each Cloud9 workspace comes with its own virtual machine, where you have access to a terminal. With that terminal, you can install packages using c9pm, you can install MySQL, or pretty much anything you want.

For our specialized FTP workspaces, we can’t offer all those features. With dedicated FTP workspaces, all your files reside on your own FTP server. We can’t just go and install MySQL over there. That’s why we’re now introducing a new way of working with FTP.

So, from now on, rather than creating a dedicated FTP workspace, try creating a hosted Cloud9 workspace instead:

Creating a hosted workspace

Then you’ll get a Cloud9 workspace with a virtual machine and some storage space hosted by us.

From there, you can deploy folders from your workspace by right-clicking in the file tree:


As a neat bonus feature, you can also deploy using SFTP using this approach! A handy shortcut there for repeated deployments is control-alt-D.

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