Cloud9 for Salesforce® Developers: your new dev environment in the cloud

By Alex Brausewetter25 August 2015

Today we are thrilled to announce a brand new Cloud9 development environment built exclusively for Salesforce developers.

Built in collaboration with Salesforce, Cloud9 brings to the cloud a modern and intuitive IDE for Apex, Lighting and Visualforce development. It’s a seamless, unified hub for all of your Salesforce projects and development needs—that is always up to date.




Cloud9 is where the power of a robust coding environment meets the freedom and flexibility of the cloud. Our mission is to enable developers to access, write and run code from anywhere— without any setup or configuration headaches—so they can focus on building and releasing great products.

With our roots and background in open source, we began to think about expanding the existing platform to include other language tool sets. The Salesforce Developer Community, one of the largest and quickest growing developer communities worldwide, seemed to be a natural place to start. The size and growth of the community coupled with the continued commitment to “no software” is why Salesforce made an important investment in Cloud9. Through Cloud9, Salesforce developers can now develop for the cloud, in the cloud.


Working closely with developers at Salesforce and within the community, we set out to build a robust set of online, cloud-based tools to complement and improve upon their existing workflow. By removing the need for time-consuming installation, configuration and updates, more than 1.5 million Salesforce Developers now have access to everything they love about high-quality desktop editors with all the convenience, flexibility and power of the cloud.


The Salesforce development environment on Cloud9 removes initial and ongoing setup annoyances and helps you customize your productivity—without sacrificing your personal IDE preferences.

Because it runs entirely in the cloud, no setup or configuration effort is required. Simply log into your Salesforce account. The workspace automatically communicates with the Salesforce platform to synchronize any changes you make, allowing you to fully focus on coding. If you have multiple Salesforce accounts, access all of them from a single Cloud9 user profile —and you never need to remember a username and password again.

Control everything by personalizing your development environment to your likes and tastes. Choose bright or dark interface colors, and from a palette of syntax themes. Configure custom key bindings, code snippets, and tab layouts to best match your own coding style.


Cloud9’s advanced editing tools make coding more productive and fun, while code-analysis and error detection make your code cleaner and easier to maintain.


Cloud9 for Salesforce developers will be publicly unveiled at Dreamforce the week of September 15th in San Francisco. We’ll be introducing this during our talk on Thursday at 3:30pm called, "Intro to Cloud9: Salesforce Web-Based IDE". You can find more information on this here on the Dreamforce website.

We’ll also have a booth in the DevZone where we’ll be doing demos, giving out discount codes for C9, giving away t-shirts and other cool swag, plus raffling off a new Chromebook each day!


To request access to the private beta, click here. We are keen to hear your feedback during the beta period. Please send us feedback via

See you on Cloud9! We saved you a spot :-)

Dreamforce. September 15-18, 2015 | San Francisco, CA. Register Now.

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