Cloud9 for Education

By Brady Dowling29 September 2016

Today we’re proud to announce a major price reduction in our Education plan! Our users teaching online courses, summer camps, high schools, and even elementary schools, have already been taking advantage of our $10 per month plan, which allows students to sign up for Cloud9 without a credit card. Now, we have reduced the price of the plan to $1 per month.

With the Education plan being a type of team plan, it will stand separate from your individual plan, so you won't "upgrade" or "downgrade" any other plan to get it (unless of course you choose to). The key features of the Education plan are:

  • $1 per month charge, no matter how many students you have
  • Students that are invited to your team will not be required to provide a credit card upon signup
  • Upon signup, students are a member of your education team, while keeping their own individual free account

If you've been paying close attention to this space, you'll notice that we've replaced the University plan and the School plan with this Education plan. This is because the educators that we work with have made it clear that their number one priority is getting students onto Cloud9 as quickly as possible. Because of that, we've simplified things by just having one Education plan for a dollar per month. For those of you that like to get into the nitty gritty, here are some FAQs:

With the education plan, will my students need a credit card to signup?

No. You will enter their email address into the team member invite page and then they'll be sent a link where they can join Cloud9 without a credit card.

Is there a limit on how many students I can add?

No. You can add as many students to your team as you'd like to.

What if I have X number of students, how much will I be charged?

Only $1 per month. We’re serious. You can add as many students as you’d like.

Can I pay on a yearly basis?

Team plans, including the education plan, are all charged on a monthly basis and only on a monthly basis.

What happens to my students after the class is over?

If you cancel your plan or remove students from your team, their individual accounts will remain intact. For this reason, it's important for students to note the options for workspace ownership when going through the workspace creation process.

If the workspace is something that will be used after the class is over, the student will want to choose themselves as the workspace owner. If the workspace will only be used while the student is a member of your Cloud9 team plan, the student will want to choose your team as the workspace owner. By default, the team is the owner of the workspace.

See also, Education plan FAQs. For answers to other commonly asked questions about team plans in general (including team management), have a look at our Cloud9 for Teams FAQ.

To get all your students on Cloud9 now, sign in with your individual account and then head over to the Education plan signup page.

Happy coding!

Brady Dowling

Twitter: @bradypdowling