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By Brady Dowling15 December 2015

The quality of a community is completely dependent on the quality of people that make it up. Working with so many Cloud9 users over the last year has made it easy for me to see how incredible our community already is. In fact, we recently noticed that much of our team actually started as C9 users! From experienced programmers to those that truly love helping and teaching others, it's clear that we've got a powerhouse of users.

And there are many examples that you can see directly. For example, we've had several users write guest posts on our blog. We have some of the world’s top universities like Harvard and Yale using Cloud9 in computer science classes. We have featured many public and private schools using our platform for Hackathons and teaching tools. Then there are the people that are so determined to write code that they grab the internet by its neck and educate themselves based purely on their own will. On top of all that, Cloud9 users have actually started to build their own features into Cloud9.

Given the talent within the C9 community, it's only natural that we'd provide a way for everyone to get together and build off of each other. Though Cloud9 has had collaboration baked in from the start, a full community experience hasn’t quite been there. But we've become aware and we're changing our ways.

Welcome to Cloud9 Community Forums

A few months back, we almost accidentally put out Cloud9 forums. We realized that another service we use actually has forums baked in and we just needed to check a box to enable it. We figured we'd try it out and see how it went. While it wasn't a glowing success, it gave us a testing ground and a place to figure out what we want and need from a community solution. In fact, here’s a peek at some of the stuff we came up with.

Without going into detail on the selection process, we found something that satisfies all our needs and just about every one of our wants. The brand new Cloud9 Community is built on Discourse and we couldn’t be happier about it. Discourse has their own set of forums with details on every feature that exists and how the forums really operate. If you’re interested in the nitty gritty, you’re free to check it out here, but here are some things that get me most excited about the Cloud9 Community:

Mark Topics Solved

This makes questions and answers significantly more reusable since you can see a question and immediately see how that was answered.

Instant Answers

If you're about to ask a question that has already been asked, you'll be shown the previous discussion and answer.

Instant Answers

Community Feature Requests

A place for you to make, discuss, and like feature requests for Cloud9: Check it out.

Community Feature Requests


It seems simple but when you don't have the ability to edit posts, you realize how crucial it is. Check this one off the list.
Edit a post

Help Me Help You

And with that, we have the beginning of the Cloud9 Community! The Customer Happiness Team will be living in the Cloud9 Community so this is the best place to get support, plus several other users have already been active in helping and solving issues. Don't be afraid to ask how Cloud9 works or report a bug and we'll surely see it and get back to you.

We're only now starting to see the potential of the Cloud9 Community so pop in and get involved right away. From the people to the forums solution we found, the groundwork is in place for something special to develop and, of course, Cloud9 is all about development.

Brady Dowling

Twitter: @bradypdowling