2016 State of the Cloud9 Community Address

By Brady Dowling12 January 2016

Ladies and gentlemen of the Cloud9 community, we are twelve days into the year 2016 and some recent changes are cause for reflection. In an effort to unify the community, the first ever Cloud9 State of the Community Address is now in session. Thank you for attending. (Applause.)

A Year in Review

After a breakthrough year 2015 for the Cloud9 Community, the forums are growing at a faster rate than ever before. (👏 Applause.) With the emergence of the community, we have seen many bright spots.

  • Several users emerged as experts, helping other users as needed.
  • Frequent questions and issues are now public knowledge for easy access to instant answers.
  • We saw tons of discussion around potential features and improvements.

Make no mistake, the Cloud9 community forums are brand new and change isn't easy. Common issues and bugs are open for all to see, putting necessary pressure on us to keep Cloud9 in tip top shape. To address this, we now have a common issues category. Here, users can see which troubleshooting steps to take and we get instant notifications about new reports that need to be handled quickly.

We also answered questions about the new unlimited workspace plans. To address many of these questions, we posted a Cloud9 glossary of terms wiki so things start clear, and can remain clear, as further questions or changes arise.

What 2016 Has in Store

Keeping in mind both our successes and our challenges ahead, we are working towards an even brighter 2016. Here are some areas we will be focusing on to support the growth of the Cloud9 community.

Order to the Community

To help users find what they are looking for quickly, we will be doing our best to keep things organized with specific categories but also not jumping too quickly to conclusions. We haven't quite narrowed down all the categories we want to use for topics but going forward we will have categories like "Support" and “Tutorials”. We will continue to iterate as we strive to provide more structure to the community.

Big Announcements

You may have noticed the new announcements category. Things are looking a bit lonely there but that's only temporary. Going forward, we’ll post about experimental features, specific issues, Cloud9 blog posts, and other goodies for the Cloud9 community.

More Growth

With the official Cloud9 community still in its infancy, there is much growth to be had. At the time of this writing there are 600 community members, 465 topics posted, and the average response time is 32.32 minutes. Here are a few more numbers you might find interesting:

  • 1567 total posts (including replies)
  • 134 accepted solutions
  • 52 feature requests

Moving forward, we'll see many more users, topics, and knowledge sharing emerge. Certain posts will manifest themselves as the authoritative answer to a question, making it easier for Cloud9ers to find what they’re looking for faster. On top of that, we’ll see more announcements, tutorials, and goodies for users to feast on. (🙌 Applause.)

The Future is Bright

So with that all in mind, my fellow Cloud9ers, let's win the future! (👏 Applause.) Make no mistake, it will not be easy, but with a unified community and a strong Cloud9 IDE to stand on, we will achieve amazing things. Remember, we are greater together than we can ever be on our own.

Thank you.

To report direct feedback or make suggestions for improvements to the forums, create a topic in the forum feedback category.

Brady Dowling

Twitter: @bradypdowling