Announcement for the education community

If you are an educator providing access to for your students, you can directly add students to your existing education plan. To add students to your education plan, you will need their email address. Learn more about how to add students to your education plan

If you do not have access to the students’ email addresses, explore the AWS Educate program to ensure new students can continue to use a Cloud9 IDE with the newly released AWS Cloud9. The AWS Educate program provides AWS credits at no cost to eligible students and faculty for using AWS services including AWS Cloud9.

For more information on how to get started with AWS Cloud9, see our documentation and sample tutorials

If your use case falls outside these two scenarios, please contact us at to discuss further. We are here to help!

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A number of online courses reference Get started on AWS Cloud9 instead.

Rails Tutorial
Click here to begin reading Michael Hartl's online book that shows how to build web apps using AWS Cloud9.